Lora, the intelligent light

Light plays a critical role in our daily lives, affecting our circadian rhythm, emotions, and overall health. Our body’s internal clock is regulated by the 24-hour light-dark cycle, which impacts our sleep-wake cycle, energy levels, and mood.

Light influences the human circadian rhythm

Circadian Rhythm

Also emotions and feelings can be changed by different light.


Light has a surprisingly big influence on our well-being and overall health.


Exposure to bright, blue-rich light during the day can enhance alertness and productivity, while warm, soft light in the evening can promote relaxation and a restful night’s sleep. Additionally, light has been shown to have a significant impact on mental and physical health, ranging from depression and anxiety to an increased diabetes and cancer risk when used incorrectly. Lora’s intelligent lighting system is designed to promote your overall well-being, while providing the perfect light to support your circadian rhythm, emotions, and health.

Natural Light changes dynamically during the day. Influenced by the daytime, weather and the seasons, its intensity and color will change.

Natural light changes throughout the day, with a shift in intensity and color temperature. In the morning, it is typically cool and bright, providing a stimulating effect that can help us feel alert and energized. As the day progresses, natural light tends to become warmer and softer, promoting relaxation and calmness. This shift in color temperature and intensity is critical to our circadian rhythm. With Lora’s intelligent lighting system, you can experience the natural change in intensity and color temperature in your own home, creating a more suitable environment that supports your needs. 

Tech Specs

Lora was carefully designed with the human circadian rhythm in mind and a focus on sustainability. To be able to adjust to different needs and settings, we integrated a lot of features that help to achieve the perfect lighting.

Lora uses 4 different types of white LEDs to achieve the most natural feeling throughout the day. Ranging from a cozy 1800K, resembling candlelight, to a vibrant 6500K, mimicking daylight. Samsung’s LM302N series of LEDs is specially designed to support the human circadian rhythm and your needs.

Dive into a world of color offering an astounding 16 million color options to set the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Elevate your experience further with dynamic effects and animations. Whether you’re looking to create a serene atmosphere for a quiet evening, a pulsating backdrop for an enthralling game night, or a lively setting for a festive celebration, Lora got you covered.

Experience the magic of Lora’s bi-directional lighting. Whether you’re seeking an ambiance with soft, indirect lighting for relaxation, or require focused, direct light for your work, Lora’s lighting system effortlessly adapts to enhance your activities.

Crafted with precision, Lora boasts a stunning body made from precisely extruded Aluminum. This isn’t just for aesthetics – the body contributes to cool running LEDs and an increased lifespan of Lora.

Choose between the Lunar Silver and Eclipse Black for your Lora to match your desired look.

Lora is equipped with integrated light sensors that measure and map the natural lighting of your room from three distinct directions. Lora uses this information to constantly fine-tune the lighting, ensuring it’s always perfect for your needs. The best part? You can sit back and relax – Lora does all the work for you.

No more fumbling for switches with dirty hands. Lora’s intelligent gesture recognition technology is here to revolutionize your lighting experience. Whether you need to dim the lights or brighten the room, a simple gesture is all it takes. Enjoy the convenience of control at your fingertips, without even touching a switch.

Facing a long workday while already feeling drained? Lora’s advanced air quality monitoring feature is here to help. Unseen factors in your environment can often hinder productivity, but Lora uncovers these hidden obstacles. It keeps a vigilant eye on your air quality, and when it’s time to let in some fresh air, Lora will gently alert you.

Stay informed effortlessly with Lora’s 1.28″ display. Designed for simplicity and ease, it presents all the essential information you need at a single glance.

Now that your hands are clean, the world of Lora’s touch interface opens up to you. With just a simple touch, you can effortlessly transition to your desired ambiance, making relaxation just a touch away.

Lora’s innovative modular design is a game-changer in both repairability and sustainability. Should an issue arise, the design allows for easy repairs by simply replacing the malfunctioning component. This not only saves you time and effort, but also significantly contributes to sustainability by reducing waste.

While Lora is already a marvel in its current form, we’re not stopping here. We’re committed to continuously enhancing your experience and are planning to make Lora extendable. This means more features, more functionality, and more ways for Lora to enrich your life. Stay tuned for the exciting developments we have in store!

Smart Home

Lora will be using the smart home standard called "Matter"

Lora’s smart home compatibility with the matter standard makes it the perfect addition to any home. By leveraging the power of this unified standard, Lora integrates in a stable and long-lasting system that ensures a seamless connection with other smart devices in your home. With Lora, you can expect a reliable and secure system that adapts to your changing needs of your life.

Basic functionality even without an internet connection

Basic functionality even without an internet connection

Integrates seamless into smart home systems that use the matter standard

Integrates seamless into smart home systems that use the matter standard

Simple integration into you home wifi.

Simple integration into you home wifi.


With Lora we want to change the problem of single use lighting systems and thereby help to reduce electronic waste altogether.

Lora’s is designed to offer a range of environmental benefits that make it a smart and sustainable choice. Easy repairability and sensor based lighting settings extend Lora’s lifespan and reduce energy consumption. With its modular design and energy-efficient technology, Lora is a smart choice for everyone who is looking for a sustainable and long lasting lighting solution.

Later on we will offer a repair and refurbish program, which allows users to extend the lifespan of their lighting system by repairing or refurbishing any components that are no longer functioning properly. By prioritizing repair and refurbishment, Lora is helping to build a more circular economy that is based on principles of sustainability and resource efficiency.

Every part of Lora is replaceable and will later be available in our replacement parts section.


Lora, the intelligent light
Size and Weight

80 mm x 104 mm x 803 mm
Approx. 2 kg

Power consumption

Max. 350W